Jack Sheaffer Collection

Rodeo 1957 (night) President Eisenhower Visits Tucson - Jan. 14 1957 Tucson Festival Pageant at Mission San Xavier - Apr. 19 1968 Construction vandalism - Sunrise Drive  July 5 1973

About the Jack Sheaffer Digital Collection

The Jack Sheaffer Photograph Digital Collection contains over 10,000 images that document the photographic history of southern Arizona during a time of explosive growth in the area, from 1955 - 1975. Jack Sheaffer photographed both major and minor events that made up the history of southern Arizona during the last half of the twentieth century. His subjects included in this collection, ran the gamut from politics and sports, to annual civic events like the Tucson Rodeo, and from celebrity visits and tragic accidents, to local beauty pageants.