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Sonora and Sinaloa Imprints Collection, 1824-1873

The Aguiar Collection, Sonora and Sinaloa Imprints Collection, and Early Northwest Mexico Imprints Collection are displayed and searched together because of their inter-related nature.


Digital images were created from the microfilm version of this collection.

Scope Note

The collection consists of decrees from the State Governments of Occidente, Sinaloa, and Sonora, Mexico. Also included are letters and memos concerning government business and all are covered under the dates 1824-1873.

Related Material

This collection is related to the collections of MS 916 (Aguiar Collection) and MS 918 (Early Northwest Mexico Printing Collection). The collections were processed together in 1980, though the processor maintained the integrity of each collection so MS 916 contains series A-K, MS 917 contains series L-Q, and MS 918 contains series R.

Historical Note

After Mexico achieved independence from Spain in 1821, the nation faced the task of creating not only a national government, but also the divisions of individual states. Of these new states, Occidente was created to include those provinces of New Spain which had been known as Sinaloa and Sonora. This combination was made for administrative purposes, but internal conflicts, as well as problems of poor communication and a vast and difficult geography drove the two states apart.

The isolation of Sonora from the seat of government was too great and after initial opposition, the legislature of Occidente granted separate status to the two states. There was a gradual process of dissolution where Sinaloa had to create another new government. These documents demonstrate the mechanics of setting up a government; there are decrees dealing with the judicial system, the treasury, militia, etc.

Call Number

MS 917


3 boxes, 1.5 cubic feet


MS 917 contains series L-Q. The arrangement is chronological though there is overlap with MS 916 (Aguiar Collection). The Series are arranged as follows:

Series L

Memos, letters, proposals of the Government of the State of Occidente (35 items), September 1824-January1828.

Series M

Official letters, declarations, proclamations of the Government of the State of Occidente (35 items), September 1824-January 1828.

Series N

Proclamations and Decrees of the Government of Sinaloa (55 items), 1836-1845.

Series O

Decrees, laws, declarations of the Governments of Sonora and Sinaloa (45 items), 1845-1855.

Series P

Proclamations, letters and proceedings of the Governments of Sonora and Sinaloa (59 items), 1856-1871.

Series Q

Declarations and petitions of the States of Sonora and Sinaloa (50 items), 1871-1873.


All of the collection is in Spanish.


It appears that the collection was purchased by W.J. Holliday and donated to the University of Arizona Library in 1954. In 1966, the University of Arizona transferred the collection to the Arizona Historical Society.


Requests for permission to publish materials from this collection should be addressed to the Library/Archives Department, Arizona Historical Society.


The collection was processed and microfilmed in 1980. It is not known who processed the collection in 1980. This finding aid was completed by Riva Dean, Library/Archives Co-Manager.